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We explain below, what questions you will need to answer when getting a Free Disability Evaluation. We also explain why certain questions are asked and why they are needed. 



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Disability Evaluation Questions

Do you currently receive disability benefits?  This is somewhat obvious, but if you do currently get disability benefits, then you will not qualify for more.
Do you expect to be out of work for at least 12 months?  You stand a better chance of getting approved for disability benefits if your disability prevents you from working.

Have you had a doctor visit in the last 90 days?  Generally if you are seeing a doctor on a regular basis for your disability, you will have an easier time proving your disability to the SSA.

Are you currently working with a disability attorney or advocate?  If you are already working with a disability attorney, then getting another evaluation will not help.




When getting a Free Disability Evaluation you will be asked for your contact information. This is needed for the attorney or advocate to get in touch with to discuss your case.  Each case is different, so speaking with someone can help quite a bit.

You will be asked a specific questions that will help determine if you may be qualified for a free evaluation.  Generally the questions are as follows:

Filing for Disability

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You may see other questions similar to these, just think about the questions and answer honestly and you will get an honest evaluation.